We are tangible, digital and strategic.

Without asking why, how do you know where to go?

You are a challenger

We help companies to confidently take on their future.

To be the best tomorrow, you have to challenge the way you do business today.

You are here, reading this, because you are a challenger. You will not accept business as usual, you want to spark ideas, test assumptions, create real innovative progress without wasting your time and resources.

Whether you are looking for new business opportunities, innovative changes to existing business or brand new verticals, you are right for being a challenger.

The challengers will win the battle of the future.

That is why we love working with challengers. Because we are like you. For us there is no you and us, there is only we.

Our expertise

We are learners and experimenters. We are tangible, digital and strategic.


Does your organization spend too much time on paper or spreadsheets? Are your processes ineffecient? Are human mistakes in your organization common and destructive?

We can help you design better processes. We can make the everyday life of your employees more efficient.

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Are you well prepared for the future? Do you have an innovation culture? How do you decide which innovation projects to fund? And are you motivating intrapreneurs?

We can help you identify new business opportunities and lead you through the early innovation stages while we manage risks and benefits in any innovation project.

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Decision making

Why do you make the decisions you do? Are they based on available and factual information? Or is it sometimes based on flawed information?

We support you in the process of defining, creating and governing the information you need to align strategy and operations, enabling you to make the right decisions.

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Our beliefs and playground

We believe that learning makes you capable — that learning drives you forward.

All projects are based on assumptions. Fast validation or invalidation of those assumptions can save project time, resources and money, while continuously evaluating the business case.

We find your 'why' and identify what needs to be true for your idea to blossom, and we rigorously try to prove it false.

To keep learning and remember lessons learned, we create learning roadmaps to help us navigate and focus on the journey ahead.

That is our playground. We always strive to learn and thereby improve.

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Why, why, why

Above all we want you to succeed and build the right products, services and experiences.

We want to inspire and educate – and ultimately, we want everyone to improve and build better companies.

We are curious and dig deep, dismantling the misconceptions between strategy and implementation. Bottom up or top down.

We focus on minimizing project risk and have a holistic approach to solving problems. We optimize and enhance existing processes or create new and simpler ones bringing the organization in sync with the strategic goals.

We genuinely want to make the world a better place, build meaningful relationships and help people and companies do good things.

We are specialized in making you better, and that is why we are doing this. Making you the absolute best at what you do.

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Our principles

We want to build meaningful and lasting relationships.

Therefore we live by these principles.

Keep learning

You must always challenge and request to be challenged to keep learning. Expanding your knowledge sphere keeps you humble and curious.

Be honest

Don't worry about being perfect, just be honest. Being honest and receiving honest feedback is your shortcut to grow as a person and as an organization.

Take responsibility

The moment you take responsibility is the moment you can change anything. Moving forward is always up to you.

Be present

You can only be one place at any given time, so be there and nowhere else. Make the present and your presence count.

Enjoy the journey

You do not learn anything from standing at the top of the tallest mountain, but you learn a heck of a lot getting there.

Without asking why, how do you know where to go?

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