Our approach

We are more interested in finding your why, than listening to your what.

Most companies can make awesome products, but what good does that do if it is not the ‘‘right’’ product?

The Whyyy project model is designed to maximize benefits and minimize risk for our clients, while introducing simple measures to monitor the project. In every project we strive for agility, responsiveness, speed and value creation.

The model is based on experience from the fluid startup culture and established governance structures in large corporations. This entails an agile model that controls risk and cost, while focusing on rapid value creation in every stage of the project.

Benefit realization

Be sure your project is on track – at any time.

In the mobilisation stage of the project, tangible benefits is identified and quantified. This enables for benefit realization in every stage of the project, which leads to increased return on investment and decreased time for investment profitability.

Tight control of the benefits is the most important factor in securing that the project is always on track and are delivering continuous value to the business. This measure must also be used as a tool to facilitate the right discussions in the business.

Assumption validation

Don't waste your time – test early.

Any development project is rooted in assumptions of higher efficiency, increased profitability, better customer satisfaction, optimized processes etc. The most common reason that development projects fail is flawed assumptions regarding the user needs.

To minimize the risk in the project riskiest assumption testing (RAT) must be conducted in every stage. RAT will give you valuable insight into the perceived reception of the project and enable you to modify the project scope to keep the project relevant.

Furthermore RAT will identify the projects that should be shut down or pivoted due to flawed assumptions.

Low costs

Radically decrease your project risk at a very low cost.

In the mobilization stage of the project the cost of each stage is estimated. The nature of RAT allow the project to radically decrease the risk at very low cost.

The cost is re-evaluated in each stage, to minimize risk of budget overrun. The budget re-evaluation also enables transparency when moving from stage to stage.

Informed decisions

Increase your project awareness and decision making capabilities.

In almost any project a series of business decisions are made during the project lifecycle. The Whyyy project model aims to identify the decisions as early as possible.

This is important to enable business readiness in making the decisions, as many project delays occur due to lack hereof. Creating awareness about the needed decisions early, will help to achieve timely decisions to move the project forward in a fluid motion.

Risk management

Fail fast and kill rather than build something no one wants.

All assumptions is assigned with a risk factor according to ‘‘level of impact’’ if the assumption fails and ‘‘likelyhood of failure’’. This creates an overview of the total risk profile of the project.

Assumptions are tested in sequence with the riskiest first – those assumptions that may kill the project. They are tested as early as possible to minimize the total risk profile of the project.

If an assumption actually entails that the project should be killed, the faster the assumption is tested the better. This will reduce the risk of implementing projects that never give any return on investment. In other words ‘‘fail fast’’.

Project re-evaluation

Fluid and flexible in every step of the project.

In the mobilisation of a project the expected stages of the project is estimated. However many factors may affect the project during its lifecycle.

The most important factor is the assumptions that are continuously being tested through the stages of the project. Some flawed assumptions might entail a need for modification of the project.

Because of this the project is re-evaluated during each stage.

Without asking why, how do you know where to go?

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